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Matmos (US) + Badun

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Ultimate Care II er det nye album fra den eksperimenterende elektroniske duo MATMOS (Drew Daniel og M.C. Schmidt). Albummet er udelukkende skabt at lyde genereret af en Whirlpool Ultimate Care II vaskemaskine - deraf navnet… Albummet er en 38 minutter lang kontinuerlig oplevelse, startende med lyden af et drej på programvælgerknappen og sluttende med det karakteristiske ‘beeeep’ når vasken er færdig. Resultatet er rytmiske, melodiske drone-baserede kompositioner, der ændrer sig pludseligt og dramatisk, men hele tiden holder fast i den originale lydkilde.

"Like their promiscuous DJ sets, the palette of genres in play reveals Matmos’ hybrid musical DNA: Industrial music, vogue beats, gabber, Miami bass, free jazz, house, krautrock, drone, musique-concrete, and new age music all churn up to the surface and are sucked back into the depths. In this moiré pattern of textures, the listener encounters elements that sound like horns, kick drums, xylophones or sine waves, but in fact each component is meticulously crafted out of a manipulated sample of the machine. In other hands, such relentless conceptual tightness would court claustrophobia. Happily, Matmos’ willingness to transform audio and engage pop structure bypasses arid, arty thought exercises and produces instead their signature effect: abject and unusual noises yielding weirdly listenable music."

"The duo know how to rein back the processing too. In its starkest passage, we hear the rinse cycle of the machine run uninterruptedly for four minutes as a slow filter sweep combs across the oceanic frequency range. The result is a kind of “Environments” LP that never was: the Psychologically Ultimate Washing Machine. It’s a gesture that’s likely to infuriate some people and tantalize others. Is this the conceptualist emperor’s new clothes, a wistful domestic reverie, a parody of recent moves in “object oriented” philosophy, a feminist point about alienated domestic labor, or simply an immersion in the beauty of the noises of everyday life? Sucker-punching ambient pastoral, the album ends with a techno-industrial-booty bass workout that recapitulates motifs from across the entire composition before grinding to a halt, its task completed. Funny and sad, bouncy and creepy, liquid and mechanical, Ultimate Care II swirls with perverse paradox, but the agitation at its core offers vital evidence of Matmos’ abiding faith in the musical potential of sound."

Læs i øvrigt dette spændende (og sjove!) interview med Pitchfork, hvor der tales om alt fra mulige sponsorater fra Whirlpool til ekstranumre spillet på en tørretumbler. Og namedroppes Kierkegaard.

BTW: Ja! Vaskemaskinen er naturligvis med på scenen.


Badun was formed in 2002 in Århus, Denmark. Many years have passed since they left earth and have ever since been travelling through space, sometimes faster sometimes slower than light. This gives the result of a sound, changing alignment with different ages in many ways a timeless approach to jazz music. Warping through boundless time, vibrant information appears- Hidden textures only noticeable through their dynamical impact on the larger structures. Dissolved percussive patterns in motion, moving and merging- Working together creating a larger abstract harmonic consensus, like metaphysical entities working for and against each other, continuously cancelling each other out or adding to the fabric of sound, leaving a fluctuating landscape which curvature is ever changing. This bended space-time creates a purposefully made blissful delirium, a pixilated deep sleep in which to fall awaken trough. Deconstructed algorythms challenge their creator, small revolutionaries on acidized, intuitively self organizing.

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